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The Cloughpenny project was funded by the Irish Research Council under a New Foundations grant. The project applied blockchain technology to construct a proof-of-concept local currency in a cutting-edge intentional community, Ireland’s only eco-village in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. The platform used is Asado, which is developed by McSherry Labs and available as open source.

The project will assist in creating a resilient, locally-based, and cohesive economic system which transitions to a low-carbon society. The project aims to construct a working demonstration of a local currency which supports local community decision-making, on-going activities, and accountability mechanisms; to disseminate knowledge and learning through a workshop and peer-reviewed publications; and to integrate the Cloughjordan eco-village into a wider network of researchers. In collaboration with Cultivate and Feasta, a workshop on “Blockchain and Sustainable Communities” was held in Cloughjordan on Friday 28 October 2016.

We have a small library of links on the sustainability applications of blockchain technology.

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