Parallel Panel 3.A: Information Driving Innovation


Chair: Professor Holly Doremus, University of California, Berkeley School of Law

Improving Policy Coherence and Accessibility through Semantic Web Technologies: Environmental Policies as Linked Open Data (Adegboyega Ojo, Digital Enterprise Research Institute; Lewis John McGibbney, Stanford University; and Dr Edward Curry, Digital Enterprise Research Institute)

Standarising Smart: Information Communication Technologies and the Environmental Promise of the Smart Grid (Professor Elizabeth Wilson, University of Minnesota; Professor Tarla Rai Peterson, Texas A&M University; and Professor Jennie Stephens, Clark University)

Identification of Dumping Behaviour at Bring Centres in Ireland and their Multi-Disciplinary Solutions (Aidan McDermott and John Dooley, National University of Ireland Maynooth)

The Public-Private Divide in Informational Regulation (Professor Sarah E Light, Wharton School of Business)

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