Parallel Panel 4.B: Gathering Information (Part 1)


Chair: Professor Fiona Regan, Dublin City University

Development of an Online Systems Modelling Tool for Climate Adaptation (Anthony Patterson, Coastal and Marine Research Centre, University College Cork)

Satellite Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring and Regulation (Dr. Fiona Cawkwell and Ned Dwyer, University College Cork)

The Cause-and-Effect Problem in Regulated Environmental Monitoring (Dr. Rohan Sadler, Astron Environmental Services)

How the Law Supports Existing Models of Environmental Data Reuse (Laura German, University of Southampton)

Examining the Potential of Crowdsourced Volunteered Geographic Information for Environmental Observation and Regulation (Dr. Peter Mooney, National University of Ireland Maynooth and Dr. Andrea Ballatore, University College Dublin)

Overcoming Barriers to Obtaining and Evaluating Energy Consumption Data (Professor Elizabeth Wilson and Professor Alexandra Klass, University of Minnesota)

An Argument for a GIS Contaminated Land Inventory for the Republic Of Ireland (Padraic Mulroy, Principal, Mulroy Environmental)

The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations (Dawit Dagnew Kebede, GIZ Energy Coordination Office and Addis Ababa University School of Commerce)

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