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This page lists events relating to the use of ICT for environmental regulation. The site has no role in the organisation of these; please refer to the websites linked for further information.

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  • Thu

    FINESCE Innovation Event

    10:00 amDublin, Ireland

    Optimizing our energy system is one of the great challenges of our times – and a great opportunity for innovative ICT companies. We need to better manage our use of energy at home, at work and while on the move. Generation, consumption and storage appliances must communicate to synchronize the energy provision system. Data analysis will be a key factor. Automation and business software will provide the best options for the individual actors in the modern Smart Energy world: grid operators, flexible home owners and enterprises, storage providers, energy suppliers and retailers.

    In the framework of the EU funded FINESCE project we can support innovative small or medium sized companies developing ICT solutions for the emerging energy sector.

    We invite such partners to present their business ideas and IT concepts. 


    Who we are

    FINESCE stands for Future Internet Smart Utility Services. It is a project in the framework of the EU Future Internet Public Private Partnership ( funded in the FP7 program. In 7 trial sites spread over Europe the project demonstrates that the energy revolution is possible if we use the latest hardware and software technology:

    • We are looking at smart customers and smart buildings in Malmö (Sweden), Horsens (Denmark) and Madrid (Spain).
    • Our partners in Dublin (Ireland) cover the issues of electric vehicles including load balance service to the electricity grid.
    • In Köln and Aachen (Germany) we investigate cross-border Virtual Power Plants in combination with a smart factory that is flexible in its energy consumption.
    • In Terni (Italy) we implement an electronic market place where actors of a future smart energy system can trade their consumption and generation capacity on a local market.

    All trial sites work with new standard internet software components that have been developed in the FI PPP framework. These "generic and domain specific enablers” with open APIs offer a broad range of basic functions to create specific applications in an easy and cost-effective way.

    What we offer

    We can support ideas for ICT applications in the energy and energy related sector. The new services shall prove that the emerging smart energy market offers a wide range of new business opportunities. From successful participants we expect a business concept and a mock-up or demonstrator which can be further elaborated in the framework of the FINESCE project or in upcoming funding activities of the EU Future Internet Program.

    Via an open call procedure we especially invite SMEs but also bigger companies and research institutions to present their business oriented ICT ideas. We can take partners with excellent concepts on board of our partnership and provide them with appropriate funding. Winners as well as ”lucky losers” will have the opportunity to further develop their concepts in the framework of the FINESCE innovation community.

    The call starts on September 9th. In the same call we are looking for specific support for the FINESCE trial sites. Such specific services range from Advanced Metering Infrastructure and an electric vehicle charge-point management to visualization of energy data and a serious game.


    Get to know us in our FINESCE innovation event in Dublin, Ireland!

    Meeting FINESCE project partners and representatives from trial sites, you will get a deeper understanding of what we expect from you, what we offer and how you can successfully participate. In addition, we have invited a range of venture capitalists, incubators and business angels that you can meet individually at those events!

    Meet us in Dublin!

    Please bring a short presentation (99 seconds) about yourself, your ideas and your expectations with you.

    Register now! Free of charge. Places are limited.

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