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This page lists events relating to the use of ICT for environmental regulation. The site has no role in the organisation of these; please refer to the websites linked for further information.

Event Information:

  • Tue

    Requirements Engineering for Sustainable Systems (RE4SuSy)

    Karlskrona, Sweden

    CONTRIBUTE. JUST DO! - submission by June 2nd
    As tomorrows' systems designers, Requirements Engineers have a very important role to play in order to ensure that future socio-technical systems are sustainable. For example, requirements have an important impact on the potential premature obsolescence of hardware, on the electricity consumption of software or on the number of servers needed to offer a service. Further, as ubiquitous socio-technical systems alter the way we live and work, the requirements of those systems have to be carefully written such that those new ways of living and working are more sustainable. For example: how do I invent an Enterprise Management System that will help my company be more responsible and create more value for all stakeholders? More and more, in the industry, companies do not only want to be "ecologically trendy”, but also become aware that sustainability requirements will have strategic impacts on business organization and value creation.

    This workshop provides an interactive stage for researchers and practitioners to share current challenges and results in RE for sustainable systems. But more than discussion, we want to foster action, and aim at jumpstarting collaboration through the live creation of hybrid teams that commit to work together to make a better world for our little mascot Susy (see
    This workshop is concerned with why and how social and environmental sustainability impact the way we design systems, at a non technical level, i.e. at requirements time. In particular, themes include: understanding RE4SuSy; adapting/inventing RE4SuSy techniques and tools; modeling, defining, measuring, and assessing sustainability in RE, etc. We are open to any bit of research or well thought practice that will let us understand better how to design more sustainable systems. We welcome problem statements, visions, positions, controversies, technical solutions, experience reports, lessons learned from practice and any results under any of the following forms:

    + short papers of up to 6 pages
    + posters, accompanied by a 2-page extended abstract
    + video clips of up to 5 minutes, accompanied by a 2-page extended abstract
    + contributions in any other multi-media format accompanied by a 2-page extended abstract.

    Given the transdisciplinary nature of sustainability concerns, we particularly welcome contributions that involve hybrid co-authorship.
    We offer shepherding, should you wish help in writing your first contribution to a scientific workshop, or in our community.
    Check past editions, important deadlines, program committee and formatting instructions on the workshop's site:
    RE4SuSy is held at RE'14, the premier venue for discussing Requirements Engineering Research and Practice.
    Submission: June 2
    Notification: June 23
    CR version: July 2
    Note that possibilities for virtual participation are under examination, just in case you already passed your CO2 and $$ limits for travels...

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