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This page lists events relating to the use of ICT for environmental regulation. The site has no role in the organisation of these; please refer to the websites linked for further information.

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    Creating a "Climate Knowledge Grid"

    UN City, Copenhagen + live stream

    2015 CKB Outreach Event: Creating a “Climate Knowledge Grid”
    An open session and cocktail reception to learn what climate knowledge brokers are doing to connect up climate knowledge, and discuss how your organisation can benefit and ‘plug in’ to the ‘climate knowledge grid’.
    14:00-17:30, June 22, 2015 – UN City, Copenhagen and on live stream. Organized by the CKB group jointly with CTCN, CDKN and REEEP

    Are you getting lost in an ocean of information?
    The fields of climate and development have undergone radical transformations over the past decades as the world has woken up to the perils of climate change. At the same time, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have revolutionised the way we communicate, bringing many benefits – but also new problems. A field once challenged by the lack of reliable and relevant data is now overwhelmed with oceans of information, pouring in from a multitude of sources inhabiting various corners of the climate development community. Today, the challenge is navigating and making sense of this information, overcoming the “portal proliferation syndrome” of climate web sites.
    The need for coordination: the role of the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group
    The Climate Knowledge Brokers Group (CKB) is a Community of Practice of knowledge brokers operating in the climate and development space who recognized that the current knowledge infrastructure is ineffective in delivering the right knowledge to those who need it, when they need it. In response, the group is creating practical solutions and methods to improve and streamline information sharing, to better steer the flow of knowledge to those who need it, and to engage and connect researchers, practitioners, policy actors and businesses to drive climate resilient development. The vision is to create a connected ‘grid’ for climate knowledge that is flexible, open and adaptable to changing needs and evolving technology.
    Information about the Event
    Join us at UN City in Copenhagen for a chance to meet some leading members of the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group, learn about the emerging vision for this ‘climate knowledge grid’ and how decision-makers and other knowledge users will benefit, and discuss how organizations can ‘plug in’.
    Preliminary Agenda
    Guests are welcome to come for the whole event, or dip in for part of it.
    14:00 Registration, coffee and pastries
    14:15 Welcome and introduction to the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group:
    Speakers: Florian Bauer (REEEP), Geoff Barnard (CDKN)
    14:30 Examples of Climate Knowledge Broker Initiatives (four 2-minute “elevator pitch” presentations)
    14:45 Panel Discussion: How do we create an effective ‘Grid’ for climate knowledge? Panel to include:
    Jukka Ousukainen (Director, CTCN),
    Helena Molin Valdés (Head, CCAC Secretariat),
    Martin Hiller (Director General, REEEP),
    Ari Huhtala (Deputy CEO, CDKN),
    Chair: Geoff Barnard (CDKN)
    16:00 Climate Knowledge Fair and Cocktail Reception: Learn about some of the platforms and portals that make up the CKB Group, speak to the people who run them, see demos, and discover how you can benefit from what’s already available online
    17:30 End

    To make the organization of the event easier, we kindly ask participants to pre-register for the outreach event via this link before June 18, 2015:
    Live Stream and Recording
    The event will be streamed live through the support of CTCN, and a recording will be available shortly after. More information will be communicated to registered virtual participants and will be available here:
    If you have any questions about the event or the CKB group, feel free to contact Sigmund Kluckner (CKB Coordination Hub) at

    Download this Announcement as PDF:

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