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    Special Session on Socio-Technical Challenges in Smart City Development

    Trento Italy
    It is increasingly recognized by governors, academics and industrial practitioners that, although the smart city concept is driven by advanced information and communication technologies, its success can be highly influenced by a wide range of socio-technical factors and challenges.  However, current studies on smart cities focused mainly on technical and engineering aspects.  In contrast, there is a significant scarcity of studies to explore potential social, cultural, political, managerial, organizational, and human aspects related to the design, development, deployment and usage of smart city applications and services.  This Special Session thus aims to serve as a forum to bridge this knowledge gap, as well as to offer a socio-technical angle to complement the very technical view in the current smart city agenda.  Main topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
    • Public trust, user acceptance, user behaviors, citizen needs, and citizen engagement in smart city services
    • Emerging economic, business and service models in smart cities
    • Technochange management in smart cities
    • Data integration, archiving and management issues in smart cities
    • Cultural, institutional, and any other socio-technical challenges affecting the development and deployment of smart solutions in the context of specific cities
    In addition, submissions to this Special Session can consider smart city as a whole or focus on a specific area in the city, e.g. transportation, healthcare, energy, safety, etc.
    This Special Session on Socio-Technical Challenges in Smart City Development ( is a part of the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), taking place in 12-15 Sep 2016, Trento, Italy.
    ISC2 is the flagship conference sponsored by the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative.  Every day cities worldwide suffer from serious organizational and logistic difficulties due to overcrowding and adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion and pollution issues, limits in the quality of service offered to senior and disabled citizens, safety and security problems in peripheral areas and new challenges continuously arise.   The goal of ISC2 is to promote innovative, conceptual, and city-wide platforms for technology-human-infrastructure integration in order to tackle the urban challenges highlighted above through the use of information and sensing technology, citizen engagement, manufacturing efficiency, economic development, and environmental sustainability.
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